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This will lead you to some other interesting car club sites
And Restoration suppliers..

   -- Clubs - Various. ....

Antique Automobile club of America        

Antique Autos on Line        Seek and Ye Shall find

Australian Borgward Club (Inc.)        

Australian Buick Car Club        

Australian Chevrolet Cars & Trucks        

Avon Valley Vintage Vehicle Association of WA        

Brisbane Vintage Auto Club (Inc.)        

Car-Stuff        The Web's Most Complete Source of Automotive Links

Chrysler Restorers Club Australia.         CHRYSLER Restorers Club of Australia Inc

Chrysler Restorers Club South Aust.         CHRYSLER Restorers Club of South Australia Inc

CMC of WA        Council of Motoring Clubs of Western Australia

Dodge Brothers Car Club - Australasia         DODGE BROTHERS (and GRAHAM) cars / trucks from 1914 to 1938

Dodge Brothers Car Club USA         DODGE BROTHERS (and GRAHAM) cars / trucks from 1914 to 1938

Feral Sports Car Club         - For those "genuine" unrestored original cars ..


Links to other car clubs        All sorts of Car clubs -- World Wide

Plymouth:The First Decade         For our brothers from PLYMOUTH

Pre WAr Buicks         Particularly for the BUICK Members ( and others as well )

Pre War Car's        Pre War Cars - before 1940 - An Interesting site

Serpentine Tractors         Serpentine W.A. - Vintage Tractors and Machinery.

Studebaker Car Club of Australia        All Models and Products of the Studebaker Marque

Studebaker Clubs of the World        The Home of Studebaker Clubs of the World.... !!! ??

Swopes Cars of Yesteryear         Old cars from A to Z plus details of each ...

Veteran Car Club of Western Australia         Veteran,Vintage, Military and other marques ...

Vintage Car Club of New Zealand         Links to Vintage Car Clubs New Zealand

Western Australian Buick Car Club        BUICKS from Western Australia

Wolseley Car Club (Inc)Australia        From 1895 to 1975 - "Buy Wisely, Buy Wolseley"

   -- Restoration suppliers..

Antique Tyres        Donuts for your vintage wheels.

Auto Color Library 's        Need to find the Original colours of your Car ..??

Automotive Surplus Online        Suppliers of new mechanical parts for Veteran - Vintage - Classic - Modern Cars, Trucks, Tractors

Bob's Automobilia         Buick parts - with PDF catalogue download

Carburettor Parts        Restoration supplier for lots of different Carburettors from 1897 to 1974

Castrol Oils        Oils ain't oils

Classic Car Parts Finder        American Classic & Antique Cars & Trucks 1902-1979

Classic Fasteners        Nuts, Bolts, Washers & Screw for the Restorer

Dodge & Plymouth Parts         Need I say more (Australia's Best).

Felt Sales - Perth WA        Felt sheet - seals and strips. (localy made to order)

Fuel Tank and Radiator Repairs     Vintage (and other) Fuel Tanks and Radiators

National Radiators - NZ         Vintage & Veteran Radiator repair / replacement

Pearl Craft        Steering Wheel Restoration...

Pedders Suspension         Automotive Suspension Specialists

Penrite Oils         Suppliers of Vintage oils for Vintage cars

Restoration Supply Co.         "Authentic, hard to find restoation supplies for the vintage vehicles and marine enthusiast"

Scott's Old Auto Rubber         Specialising in all rubber products for Automotive Restoration or Repair

Speedway Motors         A nice history timeline with links to some key motoring milestones and source of American car and truck parts (Thank you Evan).

The Classic Car Database         Specifications, Part & Services, Museums & Clubs for Antique, Classic, Vintage and Muscle Cars

Vintage and Classic Reprodutions         Parts reproduced for all makes and vintages

Vintage Wiring Harness         Vintage Wiring Harness from 1915 to late 1960's

   -- Restorers Workshop --

Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma for Car Workers         An American site with an excellent reminder to exercise care to avoid asbestos exposure when working on our classic cars (Thank you Sarah).

Potential Asbestos Exposure   Valuable information for home and professional mechanics on the dangers of asbestos and the steps involved if affected.

Metal Fabrication   A large collection of useful, money saving, u-build plans.

American Classic Car Terminology   A great list of American Classic Car Terminology (Thank You Linda).

How to Buy a Car Long Distance   a nice little guide to buying a car from "long distance" (Thank You Linda).

   -- Car Museums....

Birdwood        National Museum - Birdwood South Australia

Tasmanian National Motor Museum        The Tasmanian National Motor Museum - Launceston

The Classic Car Database         Museum List - is the most comprehensive listing in the world ....????

W.A. Motor Museum        The W.A. Motor Museum at Whiteman Park

York Motor Museum        Motor Museum York W.A.

   -- Books....

Autolite Book shop         Welcome to Walter Miller's, - features the largest inventory of Original Automobile Literature in the world.

Pitstop Online         1000's of Manuals for Cars, Motorbikes and Boats

   -- Other (Interesting Cars, Places, Events, Information)....

Historic Vehicles         A terrific Australian site with descriptions of lots of car, truck and motorcycle brands and great write-ups of restoration projects.

Podcast for Shedders         The Australian Men's Shed Association podcasts - news, projects and tips of interest to shedders.

A History of Classic Cars for Kids         A primer on Classic and Antique Cars (Thank You Anna from the USA).

History of the American School Bus         A brief history of the American School Bus (Thank You Regina from the USA).

History of the Pickup Truck         A brief history of the American Pick Up Truck for fans (Thank You Joe).

History of the Automobile         A nice potted history from American parts supplier Parts Geek (Thank You Jack).

Corvair - Tips and Information         Why its lifespan was cut short and why it is now popular.

A History of the Classic Pickup Truck         How it changed life for many working Americans and around the world (Thank You Evan).

Chris Hodge Truck Photo Gallery         A great archive of classic truck photos nicely indexed (Thank You Justin).

Autolist - "Classic" listings         Like your American Classics? - Look what you can buy in the US.

What is a Classic Car?         A useful collection of links on choosing, buying, restoring and enjoying your Classic (Thank You Alex).

Classic Cars that were Ahead of their Time         9 querky classics that were inovative and (mostly) influenced future vehicles (Thank You Daniel).

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