The photos of the cars below represent the variety of Restored cars that belong to the members of the
Vintage Automobile Assocoation of W.A. (Inc.).
These cars are all on Concessional licence and were photographed on our annual vehicle inspection days.

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vaa008jpg_small.jpg vaa009jpg_small.jpg vaa039jpg_small.jpg vaa045jpg_small.jpg vaa068jpg_small.jpg
vaa070jpg_small.jpg vaa073jpg_small.jpg vaa074jpg_small.jpg vaa116jpg_small.jpg vaa143jpg_small.jpg
vaa169jpg_small.jpg vaa175jpg_small.jpg vaa195jpg_small.jpg vaa197jpg_small.jpg vaa218jpg_small.jpg
vaa237jpg_small.jpg vaa258jpg_small.jpg vaa281jpg_small.jpg vaa282jpg_small.jpg vaa289jpg_small.jpg
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