Vintage Automobile Association of Western Australia (Inc).

Impromptu Run Form:

In normal circumstances, use of concessionally licensed vehicles must be confined to events listed as an approved club event, maintenance, repair or testing. However, use of a vehicle in an impromptu event is acceptable subject to the following conditions:

- Not to be used for practical driving tests;
- Can involve one or more vehicles;
- For one day only;
- Details need to be advised to the Club Registrar for recording (SEE FORM BELOW), and
- Only to be used where the creation of a club event is not practical

For more information on Concessional Licence Code 404 click here

By Submitting this form, you are agreeing that you will meet all the requirements of Concessional Licence Code 404 during your impromptu run.

You do not need and will not necessarily recieve a response. It is sufficient that you have provided this advice.

Please complete all fields including the answer to the Antispam question.

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